Nature inspired decor pieces

People always ask designers where their inspiration comes from and the answer is often everywhere; from the built environment to nature and everything in between.

I’m always looking to the colours, textures and shapes that I see in the natural world to inform my interiors, so I put together a collection of homeware pieces that borrow nature’s forms and turn them into decor pieces for your home. Under the Sea

Sea shells are everywhere right now, having gained popularity over the past couple of months. I love the range of forms from scalloped edges, the floral structure of coral and spiky sea urchins. Here are some of my favourite shapes reformed into gold decor ornaments. Body Language

Body positivity is now a thing in interiors. From curvy bums to dainty hands, these pieces are celebrating the human body and I’m a huge fan. Plant-Based

It’s more than just a fad diet. These plant-based homeware items take on the natural shapes of artichokes, mushrooms, acorns and more.

Nature inspired decor pieces