How fashion influences my interiors

There is no denying that fashion and interiors have long influenced one another. The ways we dress ourselves and our homes are born from the aesthetics we love so the two are bound to overlap. Let me explain how I found my interior aesthetic through my fashion style. I started my career in fashion and am endlessly interested in the industry. I’ve tried on every fad to hit the high-streets and over the years, I’ve slowly come to a style that I can comfortably say is me.

The process of finding that takes time and a bit of self reflection. It won’t be a fixed thing but here are a few questions you can ask yourself to help guide you in the right direction. 1. What colours, materials and accessories do you wear most days?
2. What do you value most in your outfits? Aesthetics, comfort, functionality?
3. Who are your style muses or fashion icons? Here are my answers to help you work out yours.

1. Trousers - Most days, I wear either a pair of straight or wide-cropped jeans. My trousers will be either dark denims, black, white or beige.

Up top - This would be either silk or cotton blouse or tee in the summer and chunky soft wool knits for winter. If I was to wear a dress in the summer it will always be white, in cotton or linen.

Accessories - Gold chunky earrings, layered chain necklaces and rings. All my jewellery comes in brass tones that enhance the neutral brown, light cream & grey tone palettes of my clothing.

Shoes - I’ll pair the outfit with boots in the winter and trainers or sandals for summer.

Bags - I'd always opt for a black or brown leather tote, or a natural straw or canvas bag in the summer with a matching leather belt. Finally - Well-fitted blazers & coats pull the whole look together. 2. I am always looking to strike the right balance between form and function. I value aesthetic firstly, and comfort is a very close second. I’m drawn to a minimal aesthetic with a focus on structure and shape, but it doesn’t always need to be a tailored look. I like to go for smart-casual as I never want to look under-dressed for any occasion. 3. The effortlessly chic Scandi influencer - Pernille Teisbaek & Ukraine Vogue editor Julie Pelipas. What’s not to love? Translated into my interior style

From my three answers. I’ve got a solid colour palette that forms the foundations of my wardrobe and can translate to my interiors too. If you are drawn to certain prints, textures or colours in what you wear, you can use mix the same things into your interiors.

Foundation (Walls & Floors, Large Furniture):
In my own home, I opted for light white/grey washed walls and solid wood floors throughout. This gives me the perfect blank canvas to build up with those stand-out accessories that I love. Just like with my clothes, I go for a minimalist approach with my interiors, so many of my larger pieces of furniture are often in creamy white tones. Above middle is an image of our bed upholstered in raw linen, and the sofa below in off-white. Materials: Just like the straw bags I love to sport in the summer, natural fibres and raw materials are everywhere in my home from unglazed ceramics to brushed brass lights. I am drawn to leather, wood, metal, linen and wool in their most natural colours and finishes. Accents (Side Tables & Chairs, Art, Accessories & Soft Furnishing): I love adding patterns to stand out against the neutral tones, like the couch cushion below. Elsewhere, I created texture in the guest bedroom with a cane rattan chair as a side table that matches the headboard (below right). The angular shapes that I am drawn to in a structured blazer / coat translate into clean lines and shapes in my furniture and accessories. Cantilever chairs bring angularity to our dining space (above left), while in the living room a vintage Alky chair offers structure in a much more fluid form through a strong silhouette (below left). Just as I accent my outfits with a black leather tote & matching belt with gold jewellery, these translate into black and gold fixtures dotted around my home. Brass sconces illuminate my walls while matte black bathroom taps and brass handles on the kitchen cabinet elevate the surrounding muted tones. The Differences Between Fashion & Interiors Despite the parallels between fashion and interiors, it’s important to remember that the trends in these two spaces move at different paces. While it might be affordable to buy the latest new trainers every season, it’s less realistic to switch up your sofa as often. When buying those larger items for your home, bear in mind that you’ll live with it for at least five years. So think twice before you splurge on that bright blue sofa of the moment and buy into the look through items that cost less, like cushions.

There is no hard and fast rule to say that your fashion and interior style must marry up, but I can see clear links between the two. The comparison has helped me bring my dream home to life and I hope it can for you too.

How fashion influences my interiors