Warmer days inside

Sandy hues. Brushed terracotta. Flecked terrazzo. You can nearly feel the southern Italian breeze hushing in through the sheer linen drapes. These textures and tones are now more popular than ever in interiors, creating rustic melting pots of warming spaces that are more about mood than any specific material.

We owe a lot of this warmth to the love of rattan and cane that has consumed the interiors world over the last few years. You know that natural woven palm that you’ve seen in the form of chairs, lamp shades, placemats and everything in between? That’s where today’s beachy and rustic spaces stem from. Looking at Aussie designer Sarah Ellison’s work from the last few years, you can see how she’s used different types of materials to create the same mood. A few years ago, she created this sumptuous table using linear strips of rattan inlay covered with shimmering brass details.

Now, her latest collection captures the same beach house warmth through soft textured fabrics, sandy tones and lots of daylight.

These types of interiors work beautifully as both casual and luxury spaces in celebration of artisanal processes and sustainable materials. In a world of fast moving trends and growing environmental awareness, there’s a real drive for authenticity that today’s designers are speaking to. These ceramic lights and accessories capture that with their handmade speckled terracotta shapes that evoke the same warmth. Inspired by a summer spent driving through winding roads in Puglia, they make you want to slow down and enjoy the journey.

These handwoven lights made of golden grass that only grows in Brazil do the exact same thing. Women in the community of Brazil’s Jalapão State Park have been using this bright, shiny grass to weave objects for over 70 years. The first creations were woven in circles so the designer Ana worked closely with them to develop the same shape in honor of the material’s heritage.

Recycled plastic furniture is also rightly becoming more mainstream. Sustainable furniture brands like Mater are creating chairs like this using ocean waste plastic that has a gentle fleck to its textured surface, bringing softness with it's lighter shade.

Pairing these materials with natural flooring made from sisal or jute allows that wholesome, relaxed mood to run all the way through a space.

So this deep craving for warmth in our interiors may have started with weaves of wooded palms like rattan cane but it’s come so far since then. It’s transformed into the warm terracotta tiles of a southern European farmhouse and the ancient golden grass of Brazilian weaving communities. Whatever the material, the mood is all encompassing and I want to bask in its beachy waves till sundown.