Update your bathroom with these 5 easy hacks

After the kitchen, a bathroom renovation is the second most expensive room to kit out. Whether you’re renting or own your own place, a full bathroom renovation isn’t always an option.

But don’t worry. I'm going to show you how to achieve that luxe look you have been after without having to touch a single sledgehammer. I’ve picked out the easiest ways to update your bathroom without the renovation cost.

Here are our top five fave affordable bathroom decorating ideas to elevate your bathroom to a spa-worthy level.

1. Mirror Mirror

The mirror is one of the easiest & most impactful decorative pieces to update the bathroom with. Opt for a large oversized option if you’re looking to enlarge the overall feeling of the space. Or if you’re after a more decorative element, go for a cluster of 2 or 3. There’s a great variety of styles to pick from depending on your aesthetic, from minimalistic frameless options, to art nouveau gilded gold frames. Why not mix in some wall art too to add extra interest to the space.

2. Amp up the Storage

An easy way to elevate your bathroom is by keeping your things tidy - and the easiest way to do this is with ample storage space. If your bathroom lacks built in storage for all your beauty potions & loo rolls, opt for some furniture and accessories like woven baskets, free standing towel racks & bathroom caddies.

3. Lovely Linens

Treat yourself to some nice new bathroom linens. This will instantly luxe up the space, especially if they are all matching. If your bathroom is lacking colour - you can easily bring this element through with your towels. More of a minimalist? Then opt for a monochromatic pattern to bring in a bold look without the colour. Best part is they're easy to swap out when you're ready for a change.

4. Hanging On

Tired of throwing your robes on the floor? Why not invest in an over the door hook rack. They are the easiest way to add more hanging space, especially for your new fluffy bathrobe & towels too. Another easy update to your bathroom will be getting a new set of shower curtains. Nothing pulls a room down more than an old, stained shower curtain. Again like the linens, you can opt for a bold colour or something a bit more minimal if you want it to blend into the room.

5. Final Touches

Last but certainly not to be forgotten, adding the final touches to the space is what is going to make all the difference. To get your room spa-worthy, add one or all of these elements to the room to really transform it.

- Candles: You all know I love scented candles & I always have one (or 3!) set up in the bathroom. Not only do they look great on the side of the tub - but are perfect for those evening bath times when the main lights are going to kill the soothing vibes. Shop my favourite cult classic candles here.

-Bathtub shelf: This is a worthy investment if you are big on bath-time & pickling yourself for a few hours each night. It’s the perfect platform to rest your Ipad, phone, wine glass, bath salts & candle - what more do you need?

- Stool: If the bathtub shelf isn’t for you, a stool is a good alternative. It's a multifunctional piece which doubles up as storage too. Add it next to your bathtub to place your bath salts & toiletries on, or have it next to the sink to place fresh hand towels for guests.

- Touch of greenery: Adding some plants into the space will help not only purify the air but add a lovely feature too. If you have some open shelves a crawler will drape the space nicely. Dried branches propped up in a vase are a good option too if you’re worried about keeping your plants alive.