Top tips to refresh your space for free

Spent too long staring at the same living room wall? Freshen up your space to rekindle your love affair with cosy weekends at home. Work with what you’ve got - Lean your framed art on the floor against the wall for a studio aesthetic

- Make your own modern art: Frame an old letter or postcard as art

- Hang a throw as a tapestry

Declutter your clutter

- Go through your storage and recycle/donate what you don’t use - Up-cycle things that you forgot you had. Click here to turn your trash into terracotta. - Use the new storage space to tidy away what you don’t need to have out

Style your shelves - Reorder your books by colour, or turn them all around for a neutral look - Create open spaces on each shelf - less is more

Kitchens count too - Clear your surfaces... seems obvious but we’re all guilty - If it can go in a cupboard, put it in a cupboard - Arrange some peaches and pears in your best bowl to add a fruity zing

Bring the outside in - Make a seasonal arrangement of dried leaves or branches. - Next time you’ve got fresh flowers, dry them out before they wilt for a long-lasting display - Keep your blinds open and doors ajar to let daylight flood through your space