The biggest trend in home decor this week

The highest trending searched categories (according to google) in home decor right now is wall decor and deciding what to do with your blank wall space. From those shelves you never put up to the pictures that need framing, there’s so much you can do with your walls. With all this time in lockdown, you can finally finish those decorative touches that make your space feel like home.

1. Wall shelves

Wall shelves are a great way to update a blank wall. They come in handy in any room and are a great way to display artwork, decor pieces or simply store things neatly.

Kitchen - Add some open shelves to make a display of your lovely tableware, vases and cookbooks, instead of hiding them all away in a cupboard.

Living room - Hang a shallow shelf just above the top of your sofa to display your favourite wall art, books or trinkets. It works as a great ledge for your cup of tea too.

Nursery - Picture shelves are a perfect way to create a lovely reading nook. Why not try your hand at a bit of DIY with this quick Ikea cane hack to make one for yourself?

2. Wall mirrors

Wall mirrors are not just for those #ootd selfies. Whether you want a striking frame or just something practical to check yourself on the way out the door, a mirror is a great choice for any wall, be it oversized, galvanized or mercurized.

3. Wall art

Whether it's a wall gallery you’re building or just one or two pieces to add to a space - wall art is a great place to start to fill the void.

4. Wall stickers

I know you might be thinking tacky. I thought the same initially but after a bit of research, I’m a big fan of these full wall stickers that you can use as reusable wallpaper. They’re perfect for anyone in rental accommodation who wants to add a touch of personality without losing their deposit.