The 10 latest kitchen trends

The kitchen - often the first place you might want to redo in your home. Whether you are the next Jason Atherton or just after a functional place to make food, the kitchen is always hot in the design world. If you are in the market for a new kitchen or perhaps just interest in knowing what the latest trends are - stick around and I’ll give you the full lowdown on what’s hot and what’s definitely not.

White kitchens are out - Colour kitchens are in

Photo: Pluck London

Gone are the days of the bright clean lines of an all white kitchen. From cabinetry to work surfaces, white on white is dead. From dark moody greys to lovely light pastel tones, it’ll be hard to decide which shade of green to pick for my next reno.

Out with high gloss and in with matte paints

Glossy magazine showroom kitchens are out in favour of a more rustic palette. Chalky paint finishes in matte earthy tones are everywhere in the home especially in the kitchen.

Say goodbye to bad lighting

Task lights like spot downlights are a practical essential for the kitchen area, and there’s a way to do it without being stuck with that stark bright light. Have multiple lighting options with dimmable switches, to take that brightness to a low glow. You could even get an arching floor lamp in the corner that hangs over the dining table, or three drop pendants over the kitchen island to add some mood lighting. This will change the look and feel of the kitchen from work to play.

Open shelves have replaced overhead cabinets

Photo: Custom Fronts

While open-plan kitchen and living spaces have been trending for the past couple of years, the boundaries between functional and decorative are blurred. This has spiked a large trend for open shelves in the kitchen area, creating space to display your best glassware alongside a vintage artwork.

Pull-out drawers are taking over

While open shelves are on the up, cabinets are not so people are making more use of drawers. Deep storage drawers in the kitchen are replacing those cavernous cupboards that you can’t reach the back of. At least with a drawer, you’ve got a birds-eye view of everything that’s in there, making it much easier to rummage around.

Kitchen bars are the new kitchen tables

Photo: Day True

Having an actual dinner table and chairs is a luxury in our ever-shrinking living areas. Slowly we’re phasing out full dining set ups with compact, foldable tables or kitchens islands with added seating down the sides.

Downward extractors are the new thing

With our fond love for the kitchen island, there is no space for the extractor hood. People are opting for extractors that suck the air down into the unit rather than above into some bulky looking hood.

Handles are back, and they’re metallic

Photo: Buster + Punch

Handleless cabinets went hand in hand with that minimalist, clean line kitchen that is now slowly fading out of fashion. This is quickly being replaced with metallic touches, from brass handle bars to black knobs that add an extra luxurious touch. Chrome and silver metallic taps have taken a serious hit, with matte black and brass hardware all the rage. However, if you're unsure that your brass tap will match with the black handles on the cabinetry, fear not because mixing metals has the ID seal of approval.

Surfaces are rising up the walls

Photo: Luis Laplace

Tiled surfaces in the kitchen are being replaced with painted walls and matching countertop surfaces. Taking the marble worktop onto the wall is the latest trend and its continuous design leads to a lovely integrated look.

Single function items make way for multipurpose appliances

Small living comes with its practical perks and has forced production trends towards multifunctional appliances. Microwave ovens, instant hot water taps, washer dryers & small dishwashers & fridges. The variety of sizes and functionality in appliances is far greater than ever imagined - allowing even the smallest of kitchens to be fully kitted out.