Peek inside these celebrity quarantine quarters

Nothing piques my interest more than seeing inside these celebrities homes.

Maria Sharapova

Maria Sharapova - former world number 1 tennis star - is stunning both on and off court. She’s currently stranded at home like the rest of us - okay maybe not quite like the rest of us...have you seen her lust-worthy pad on Architectural Digest? Don’t say I didn’t warn you #dreamhome

Vivienne Westwood

During quarantine, Dame Vivienne Westwood has been filming herself in her stunning abode as she campaigns for a climate revolution. True to her celebration of diversity, her home is a great melting pot of styles which, much like her namesake label, does not conform to any fads.

Kim Kardashian West

Kim Kardashian West needs no introduction. She shares a minimalist dream home with Kanye full of blank white wash walls, bleached wood floors and wide open spaces, all in muted tones. Where does all her actual stuff go? Oh wait...on the floor.

Alexandra Schulman

Image: Alexandra Shulman / Instagram

Former British Vogue editor Alexandra Schulman lives in the most idyllic home in North West London, filled with an abundance of books, streams of light and fresh flowers. Her life’s literature lines the walls of her living room, surrounding a citrus yellow sofa and coffee table piled high with, you guessed it, more books. All pulled together with a berber style rug, this room is somewhere I’d like to spend my quarantine days.

Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham has been isolating in her cotswold estate with the rest of her brood. Rocking the fashion brigade's quarantine uniform of late - coordinated trackies and hoodie, the star has unknowingly also shared with us another great trend - dark kitchen cupboards. Combined wIth wide rustic wooden floorboards, stainless steel work surfaces and black units (don't even get me started on the oversized kitchen island), it’s right on point. With everyone moving away from the white kitchens of the last decade, she has once again shown us how it's done.

Fearne Cotton

Fearne Cotton knows the worth of a good bathroom selfie. They’re not staged nor glamorous, showing a real account of her life through her gram - plus I’m all about her bathroom decor. Gold brass taps with matching plunger. Wide oblong basin on marble surface. Plush pink floral wallpaper. Yes, yes and yes.


If you remember one thing from Instagram during lockdown, it’s Oprah’s kitchen in this video of her cooking a Jamie Oliver recipe. With shaker style cabinets, wooden tops and rustic wooden bowls hung on the wall, it’s the all American dream and then some. I’m getting creative with the wall hangings on my next kitchen project.