Conversations with Lizzie Green

Lizzie Green is a fashion-loving interior designer who doesn’t shy away from a challenge. Based in London, she won her first project - a Georgian house in Camberwell - by swaying the client with a new concept that went against the lead architect’s idea. Her career in designing interiors had a forceful start from there when she started her own practise nearly 4 years ago.

Lizzie’s concepts are always client-focused, rendering her style a thing of flux and her portfolio varied. She balances the client’s wants with her understanding of visual aesthetics to create interiors that are both refreshing and personal.

She finds inspiration in the everyday, from the way clothes are laid out in high-end stores so colours and shapes can shine to the Art Deco patterns she explored on a recent trip to Miami. Constantly taking in her surroundings, her inspiration is varied and evident in her colourful, stylised spaces.

Although during lockdown, Inspiration took a different turn, prompting the designer to delve deep into vintage Vogue archives as the outside world of galleries, restaurants and urban variety closed its doors. She was delighted with the strong styles of different eras, which she loves tapping into in her designs.

Currently working on her own home renovation project, DIY skills have come into their own recently as Lizzie and her husband have poured themselves into their previously unloved 1891 Victorian semi. Despite describing the place as a “beautiful dump”, the pair managed to at least complete the bathroom so Lizzie could while away her evenings in her favourite room of the house.

Why is the bathroom your favourite room of the house?

It’s the one space where it’s perfectly acceptable to lock the door and slip into a dreamy state of zen. It’s my favourite room to design for clients too.

Who are your design crushes?

- Pierre Frey fabrics - expensive but beautiful. - Stamuli - That’s the interior studio behind all the Acne stores. They really reshaped what it means to go into a shop and buy something. - Molly Goddard - She’s a fashion designer who’s incredible with colour and shape. Everything just feels wild.

Favourite design faux pas?

I love going wild in a downstairs loo. People go a bit mad. That is the place to create a bit of drama.

Shaggy carpeted bathroom or furry toilet seat?

Think I’d have to say a furry toilet seat.

Beaded curtains or taxidermy?

Taxidermy. Something really cool, like birds maybe.

Round bed or mirror on ceiling?

Definitely a round bed. Mirrors on ceilings are really creepy.

Favourite item in your home?

My bed. It’s upholstered in olive velvet, with winged sides and a huge headboard. I dress it in white bed sheets. I love it.

If your house was burning down, what 3 things would you save?

100% my dog, then probably my wedding dress and maybe a gorgeous picture of me and my niece.

Dream (wish) product?

Anders pendant light from Pinch. It’s made from banana leaf and is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.