Imaginative Kitchen Islands

When it comes to designing your dream kitchen, an island is high up on most people’s wish-lists. Having renovated my kitchen less than two years ago, I too went for all the most wanted items in today's modern-day kitchen.

Open shelving storage, check.

Marble surface countertops, check.

Large rectangular kitchen island, check.

With today's open plan living layouts, kitchen islands are the perfect tool to help zone kitchens from dining & living areas. Plus, they have the added benefits of extra prep surface, added storage space & potential dining area too. It’s really a no-brainer on why it's become a necessity.

Over the past decade I have seen my fair share of islands and can safely say that most of them are the same in style, size & functionality. However, more recently I’ve seen a real shift towards unusual & highly imaginative designs.

So before running down to your local Magnet to get that new kitchen design drawn up, let me share with you some imaginative designs which are changing the way we see this kitchen essential.

1. Dining Table Islands

Not into the high seating set up often seen at the kitchen island? Why not opt for a built-in seating instead with your dinner table and chairs set up along the side. (Left: @j.a.u.n.e, right: @obumex_interiors)

Alternatively, why not drop your kitchen island to table-height in the middle of the island as seen here by @sarahshermansamuel .

2. Cocktail Bar Islands

More drinking less sitting? Why not turn your island into that bar you have always wanted.

For the aspiring bartenders- these are the ideal set ups for you. (left:@obumex_interiors, right: @alphenberg)

3. Shapely Islands

Who said they had to be rectangular? Kitchen islands are popping up in all shapes & sizes.

This round kitchen island designed by @andandandstudio shows how you can effectively do so without compromising on functionality too.

After a more fluid shape? Love the look of this island by @auhaus .

Can't choose between round and rectangle? Why not have both with these design by @inform_melbourne & @killingmattwoods.

For a more playful shape, his lego inspired geometric island designed by @studio_rhonda is a worthy contender.

4. Stone Islands

Stone work surfaces have always been the preferred choice material in the kitchen - and no more so than when it comes to the kitchen island. Here we explore the different uses of this great material.

To soften the look of marble - why not opt for an oval shape counter top & legs.

This look is not for the faint hearted. Designed by @obumex_interiors for Joseph Dirand, it’s a loud & proud look.

While marble is extremely hard & heavy, this design by @obumex_interiors is cleverly engineered to float above the ground without any support.

If attention-grabbing is what you’re after - why not wrap your island in shiny chrome to really draw the eyes in by by Grégoire de Lafforest.