How to shop the sales like a pro

Being the bargain shopper that I am, I hit the summer sales religiously. With shops reopening on June 15th, retailers will lower their prices so we can enjoy some stellar bargains as lockdown begins to ease.

The hardest thing about sales is realising whether you love the price more than the item, so I’ve put together my top five tips to help you find the best bargains that you’ll keep for longer than a summer fling.

1. Use the “wishlist” function

Many online retailers have a “save/ add” button allowing you to build your own personalised “wishlist” within your user profile. This list of items will be saved for you to come back to when the sales arrive. Instead of being lured into the red flashing signs on the homepage - jump straight into your wishlist & see if any of your pre-saved items have dropped in price. This way you won’t be distracted by all the other discounted items that you don’t really want.

2. Sign up & follow your favourite brands

Many retailers reward their most trusted customers with “preview sales” or “special promotions” prior to the sales dropping. By signing up to their newsletter & following them on social, you’ll be first in-line to shop the sales before the general public.

3. Timing is everything

You had your eye on that one item all year and it’s finally gone into sale - great! You go to buy it, but it’s sold out! Don’t miss out again on a sale by setting a reminder in your calendar so that once the sale drops you will be able to browse, add & buy your “saved” items before they sell out.

4. Voucher codes

You have found the item you want & are going through the checkout process - then you are confronted with “do you have a discount code?”. This is where you do a quick google search for any potential codes before you realise that they all have all expired in 2007. My solution to this is Pouch, a web browser extension which automatically adds any discount codes to your order - simple!

5. Shop on the App

Many stores & brands have ventured into developing their own shopping apps. I have found when the big retailers set their sales live - in the first few minutes the site will crash from the number of people trying to get on at the same time. If this happens, try the app instead.They’re often underused so are much less likely to crash!

All ready to shop the sale? Here are the best picks.