How to make your bedroom feel like a luxury hotel suite

Remember that distant feeling of swiping your keycard, dropping your bags and diving onto a perfectly made bed of crisp linens and heavenly pillows? It’s been a while since any of us checked into a hotel but in the meantime, here’s how you can recreate that luxury at home.

The Bed

The best part of a hotel room has got to be the bed.

- Start by washing your sheets. Nothing beats freshly washed linen

- When you put them back on, pull them tight across the mattress to smooth out any creases

- Layer a soft blanket over the foot of the bed. This is as much for aesthetics as it is for an extra bit of cosiness. In warmer months, layer the blanket over an empty duvet cover for some breathable comfort.

- Display pillows add depth and texture to your bed spread, and are perfect for nestling into you while you read your book or browse before going to sleep

The little luxuries Because those special touches are not just for guests. - Keep a nice glass and water carafe on the bedside table - Tea lights in a little glass are a lovely and affordable way of getting that soothing glow on a regular basis. - If you want scented candles or diffusers, go for fig, citrus, or floral scents in spring and sandalwood or cedar for winter. - Fresh flowers or a plant are a lovely way to bring some life into your overly familiar bedroom

Keep it personal As much as you want the luxury of a hotel room, there’s nothing more comforting than your own space, so surround yourself with anything that brings you joy. - Choose the things that make you smile, like your favourite books or trinkets, then pare it down so it feels personal but not cluttered - Save some of your favourite wall art pieces for your bedroom. - Keep it tidy! Hotel rooms are kept pristine and it makes all the difference, so treat your own bedroom with the same care and you’ll thank yourself for it!