How to build a Moroccan-inspired outdoor seating in 10 mins

I stayed at boutique hotel El Fenn in Marrakech for my birthday a couple of years ago and fell in love with the decor style. Surrounded by the warming colours and charming shapes of the riad’s architecture, we enjoyed breakfast, lunch and dinner on the roof surrounded by woven pouffes and floor mats.

I wanted to recreate that rustic comfort back home so I got resourceful. Check out my take on the Moroccan roof terrace decor.

Step 1: Clear some space Clear a space on your roof terrace where you would like to set up your seating area. It can be as large or as small as you like. I set it up for 2 - 3 people (so roughly 2.5metres long) with the idea to build it against this low wall.

Step 2: Gather items from around your home Get as many cushions you can find - at least 2 two per person but the more the better. Grab all your belts - at least 4 will be needed, along with a rug / beach towel / yoga mat.

Step 3: Belting up the cushions

For rectangular cushions, grab two belts and strap them round the narrow width. Just go straight down the middle for square. Secure the belt fairly tightly with the buckle on the back.

Step 4: Secure the cushions to the wall

You’ll now need the same amount of belts again. Loop them round the railing and through the belts that are on the cushion, adjusting the height of the back cushion as you go. I’ve set up this seating area with three back cushions for up to three people.

Step 5: Lay the foundations Roll out a yoga mat below the cushions you’ve hung to the wall and overlay it with a rug or beach towel to create that warm, woven texture.

Step 6: Add more cushions on the bottom

To add some cush for your tush, add 3 cushions along the floor mat.

Step 7: Extra’s

If you’ve got spare cushions, add more to really pad out the seating area. You can never be too comfortable or add a side table for the full dining experience - done.