Easy bathroom renovation ideas on a DIY budget

Home bathroom renovation is a topic I’m often quizzed on and the most frequently asked questions are about 2 things; time and money. When I'm asked “what does a new bathroom cost?”, it really does vary & I often say a ball park figure of £5,000 would be a healthy budget for a full bathroom refurbishment. But if, like many of us, you haven’t got that amount to spend, I’ve got some DIY tricks for you to get that bathroom remodel done on a shoestring.

“But, how long will it take me to do?” Don’t worry, I’ve hand-picked quick bathroom makeover ideas only. With our already busy lives, these DIY bathroom ideas won’t take you up all your precious time. So what are you waiting for?

Paint your grout

Over time your bathroom will start to look a bit grubby around the edges, specifically around the grouting. This is the porous bit between the tiles that tends to discolour and stain with time. Getting in between each gap and giving it a good scourer, or hiring a professional to re-grout can be expensive & timely. So why not just repaint it?! It’s easy, cheap and trendy. Grouting paint comes in a wide array of colours. Go for a darker shade to make your lighter tiles pop, or a contrasting colour to add a little interest. Check out these amazingly easy to use handy grout pens.

Pattern up your tiles

Retiling bathrooms is a costly (and timely) affair. If your bathroom’s tiles aren't damaged, why not repaint them. This is an easy task to do and if you have re-painted walls in your own home then you will have all the tools you need to get this DIY bathroom decor going. If you are after a pattern, why not buy a stencil (here, here & here) or get creative with some masking tape & design your own.

Colour Block the ceiling

This seems like an obvious one, but painting any surface will immediately update a space. Why not take it to the next level and go for a bold contrasting colour? If your bathroom walls are tiled all the way to the ceiling, just paint the ceiling & you will still achieve the same look. Take a look here for some other great painted ceiling ideas.


If you want to add some print to the space, go for a beautiful wallpaper. As your bathroom is a moist space, it’s important to put it up with a strong adhesive and ensure your bathroom is well ventilated to avoid the wallpaper peeling away.

Look out for bathroom wallpapers that are made of vinyl as they will offer a waterproof surface to wipe water away and not soak in. If you have your heart set on a paper that’s not meant for the bathroom, fear not as you can seal the porous paper with Polyvine’s Decorators Varnish. For best results, apply two to three coats. Note, only put the wallpaper up in areas that aren’t going to get wet - so please don’t go putting it up in the shower room!

Switch out the hardware

Another great way to update your bathroom is by adding a new tap to your bath or basin, and I promise you it’s not as hard as it seems. Follow this helpful step-by-step guide to install those new brass fixtures you have been lusting over.


Lastly, add some new features to the walls. You can immediately double the size of your space by adding a large mirror, or increase your storage by adding a shelf. Need some bathroom shelf ideas? Why not add some woven baskets to keep a uniformed look and keep the clutter at bay. Alternatively if you're more of a minimalist, keep the shelves fairly sparse with a few decor pieces here and there with some abstract wall art to add some interest.

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