Best Accessories to update your WFH station

Been working for the past six months in a make-shift WFH area? You’re probably ready to invest in some much needed new accessories to make it a worthy office space. If you’ve been struggling for ideas, I’ve pulled together the best decor items to keep your space functional, fresh and ready for the new term!

1. Desk Essentials

Chic desk trays, multifunction vases for flowers & pens, to lovely ceramic coffee mugs - keeping your desk beautifully tidy will be a breeze.

(candle, folder)

2. Amp up your storage

Growing piles of paperwork, notebooks & endless to-do lists? Get organised with boxes and baskets to separate each project so you can access them easily.

3. Add some soft touches

As the weather cools, it’s time to get cosy indoors. Add some soft textiles to the space to help keep you nice and warm through the chillier months.

4. Light for the darker days

A good light is essential to finish off your desk set-up. If you don’t have space for a desk lamp, a tall floor task light works best, or alternatively, fix one to your wall.

5. Don't forget the wall

From artworks, photographs, to saved postcards from travels abroad - why not display them in your workspace so you can always be reminded of your loved ones and those amazing trips away. Or alternatively, never be late to your next zoom call with a decorative wall clock, not only visually stunning but highly functional too.