9 Tricks to survive balmy summer nights

The sun has been there to lift spirits while we’re all social distancing but it does come with its challenges. Hot sweaty nights make it hard to sleep so if you’re struggling like me, here’s a few tips to help you survive the summer.

1. Brave a cold shower

This was always my mum’s answer whenever I would whine about feeling too warm on hot days. And you know what - it immediately cools your whole body down. I’d suggest slipping into bed with your hair slightly damp as the continuing cooling effect should help you drift off to sleep. You could always shower with a mint infused hair and body wash too for an extra cooling sensation.

2. Keep it shady

To keep your home from heating up too much in the day, keep all your blinds and curtains shut. As much as you would love to see the daylight streaming in while you WFH, this will cause your home to heat up and it’s unlikely to cool down before nightfall.

3. Cotton is king & percale it up

Make sure you are sleeping between sheets made from 100% cotton as a cotton/blended sheet with synthetic fibres will trap the heat in. Opt for a percale weave which feels lighter against the skin and more breathable, as opposed to sateen sheets that have a tighter weave and silky sheen.

4. Keep the doors & windows ajar

Leave interior doors and some windows open during the night to help air flow through, creating a bit of a breeze while letting the heat escape.

5. Take it off

Pajama's are not your friend this time of year. Less is more...I’ll leave the rest up to you.

6. Cold water bottle

Get some use out of your hot water bottle all year round by filling it with water and sticking it in the freezer. Unlike a sports ice pack, this frozen block will stay solid for most of the night because of its thick rubber case.

7. Ice ice baby

Have a glass of ice cold water by your bedside table before bed. Have a good gulp before bed to cool you down, and keep it there throughout the night. Even once the ice has melted, you’ll need to stay hydrated if you’re feeling hot.

8. Wet Cloth

If you haven’t got a hot water bottle handy, grab a tea towel / hand towel and soak it with cold water. Make sure it’s fully wrung before you get into bed, and lay it on top of your forehead or abdomen. A bit like the wet hair trick, this will help cool you down as you fall asleep.

9. Get low

If you have all your bedrooms on the top floors of your home, try sleeping on the lowest level. Hot air rises so the lower floors of your home are often the coolest. If you're in a single storey flat why not make a Japanese style bed with your mattress on the floor - you’ll be surprised how much of a difference this makes.