7 of the best places online for vintage furniture

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The bargain hunter that I am means you will find me in my happy place rummaging through car boot sales, charity stores or vintage flea markets. If i'm not out stomping the market grounds, I will be searching through the vast array of online secondhand platforms that have popped up in the last few years.

In the past I’ve relied heavily on ebay for all my finds, but, with platforms like 1st dibs & Vinterior’s, specialist vintage furniture shopping is just as easy as the regular kind. So for those who aren’t 100% sold on buying someone else’s seconds, consider this; it’s sustainable, affordable & terribly chic.

We’re all becoming more aware of our environmental footprints. The homeware industry is moving at lightning-speed towards the “fast-fashion” model and we need to be conscious of making lasting purchases. Next time you hit the highstreet, ensure the purchases you make are for items that you’ll love forever and are made to last - think years rather than seasons.

Another consideration is the price tag. “Vintage” often doesn’t sit in the realm of affordable but it’s all just great marketing. At the end of the day, vintage is just another way of saying second hand stuff, so don’t rule out your local charity stores or car boot sale to find yourself a 1960s “vintage” table lamp - all at bargain prices.

Lastly, your home is in need of both old and new. As much as I love buying items that are brand new, styling a home without both could lack personality.As always, the key to a well styled home is balance. You want to be able to see the person who lives in the room, not a show home.

Now, you’re ready to shop. Check out these stellar “vintage” sellers:


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An online marketplace to discover, buy and source vintage furniture. This London based company launched in 2017 by their founder Sandrine, who was tired of trawling vintage stores & antique fairs across London to find her perfect scandi chair. Fast forward 4 years and she and the Vinterior team haven’t looked back. Since launching, Vinterior now boasts over 1500 sellers & offers the greatest selection of vintage furniture in the UK. They have an amazing selection of mid 20th century and Bauhaus - all at very reasonable prices. I’ve done a round up of my favourite vintage chairs here.


Photo by @atelierforemal

If you are searching for something very specific, then Pamono are your guys. The Berlin based company sources niche vintage and contemporary pieces from around the globe. Their team curates from an array of high profile and underground galleries, shops, editors, artisans and designers, helping its customers create one-of-a-kind spaces. They have over 3,000 vendors, from more than 50 countries and upload around 4,000 new products every week.


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Formally known as Brocante Lab, Selency is a French based marketplace for all things interiors. They act as the middlemen between buyers and sellers. Professional dealers and non-professional sellers list their products on Selency and with over 100,000 pieces to choose from, it’s a great place to hunt for your next vintage piece.

The Modern Marketplace

The Modern Shows host a variety of mid 20th century furniture markets and pop up stores across the UK. Since lockdown they have taken business online and we couldn't be happier. Take a look at their online directory to find all their dealers' unique web stores. If you are keen to stomp around at their next show, then sign up here, as it’s taking place in Haggerston on Sunday 11th October 2020.


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My trusted old friend. I’ve been shopping here since 2007 and it’s always brought me the best steals. Ebay tends to be the first place I go to find secondhand furniture. Bear in mind you need to set aside a bit of time for hunting, but you will reap the rewards for it. I found my Alky chair on ebay last summer for at least 50% less than what is on offer at other vintage stores. The only downside is, there will be a varying level of products from ones that are needing some TLC to a full redo, but if you’re willing to do a bit of DIY then you're in for a winner.


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Not a platform I would have thought to go to for second hand furniture, but the array of unique pieces on this craft makers marketplace stocks some truly unique furniture too.

Facebook marketplace

Photo by @studiob_low

My sister introduced me to Facebook marketplace and it’s fast becoming a favourite. She lives in Berlin and shared the most amazing mid 20th century furniture at rock bottom prices, and I’ve managed to find the same incredible deals in London. A £20 cesca chair and a £50 foldable dining table have been my top finds so far, and I’m not stopping there.