6 of the best adult friendly paddling pools

I know, it feels silly to purchase a paddling pool on Amazon for £20.00 when in reality there definitely won’t be any kids around. But we all need a bit of respite from this exasperating heat. When every Lido, pond and nearby beach is heaving with herds of Londoners, a paddling pool might just be the next best option.

I have done the research and found you the best paddling pools that you can have shipped to your door without having to move an inch (and I know how difficult that is when your sweaty back is stuck to your lovely furniture!)

1. Savannah Inflatable Pool Blue £49.00

2. Anna Beam x Mylle Inflatable Pool £135.00

3. Mylle - The Original Inflatable Pool £125.00

4. Savannah Inflatable Pool Mustard £49.00

5. Intex Sunset Glow Swimming Pool £21.99

6. Intex Watermelon Pool £17.95