Welcome to the world of affordable art.

Studio B/LOW, the place for handcrafted affordable wall art for the modern home. Each piece is made-to-order here in my London studio.

“I’ve always thought about how I can make art that’s accessible to all.


My pieces are unique, original hand-painted artworks, made here in my London studio, and those attributes often come with unaffordable price tags.


I frequently struggle to find beautiful pieces for my own home that are actually affordable, so I love creating art that I can offer at prices that are normally reserved for posters and prints."

Brown Cream Art, Rectangle Shape Art, Af


Having spent years designing home decor pieces for both luxury interior homes and high-street stores, I love bringing objects of art into homes. 

"Since graduating as a design student, I’ve spent years curating & designing homeware products for luxury & high-street brands.


I started my career in the fashion industry, gradually working my way towards home decor & interior.


I’ve built up a wealth of varied experience and have developed my artistic aesthetic from past experiences & current life events.”

Currently offering bespoke artwork design services, I focus on local projects in London, creating artwork for spaces that are functional, beautiful and affordable.

If you’d like to chat about any of your own project idea, just drop me a message here hello@studiob-low.com

B. Low